Loans and loans with reversibility pension 2019

Transfer of the fifth on the survivor’s pension and Government Agency loans with the survivor’s pension under the social security agreement

Transfer of the fifth on the survivor’s pension : is it possible to obtain it? And, if for those cases in which the answer was negative, are there alternatives to the loan with survivor’s pension ? The answer is positive for everyone! That is, it is NOT always possible to transfer the survivor’s pension, however, in those cases where it is not transferable, alternative solutions exist. Let’s proceed with order, seeing in which cases it is NOT possible to implement the assignment of the fifth on the reversibility pension, being careful to distinguish the reasons inherent in the assignment as such, with respect to those of the reversibility allowance.

Government Agency loans with survivor’s pension under the social security agreement.

Government Agency loans with survivor

With the aforementioned sentence we indicate the transfer of the former Government Agency now affiliated with social security. First of all, as per general rules, no pension can be sold, including reversibility, when the monthly received, net of the deduction, falls below the minimum threshold which for the current year 2019 is set at 513 euros. Then, it cannot be sold even if the survivor who is the survivor has reached a certain age which varies according to the repayment period that you want to choose or that you are forced to accept. To learn more about

the latter aspects, we recommend loans for retirees over 90 years without assigning a fifth.
NB: the cases just described are implicit and foreseen by the regulation of the transfer of the fifth (law nr. 180/50). Now we see in cases described by the rules provided for the reversibility check and which in any case compete with the previous ones.

Still on the transfer of the fifth on reversibility pension.

Still on the transfer of the fifth on reversibility pension.

We have other cases where the survivor’s pension cannot be transferred. A first case concerns the hypothesis of the joint account, e.g. the surviving spouse with one or more children: well, with the joint survivor’s pension it is not possible to transfer the fifth of the same. Another case concerns the concept of temporal stability in the provision of the check. To make this clear, let’s take an example: the case of the surviving university student son who, at best, will cease to retire at the age of 26, is classic. Also in this case, he will be refused by the affiliated body. More information on loans with survivor’s pension. If, ultimately, you fall into one or even more of the aforementioned hypotheses, you can try to access a certain loan with a reversibility pension through the alternative system that follows.

Loans with survivor’s pension.

Loans with survivor

The only alternative system for obtaining a loan with a survivor’s pension outside the assignment of the fifth is that of a personal loan. The latter, unlike the sale, bears the call of a third party guarantor who, if necessary, can guarantee the entire financing operation. Not only. With a personal loan we can obtain total sums that are almost double the transfer as we can reach 35-40% of our pension: it depends on the amount of the same! In addition to the guarantor, it is finally possible to bring other forms of guarantees such as the real estate ones.